Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When doubt creeps in...

Inevitable in your business building journey is the reality that you will feel very strong doubt that your new venture will actually work. After all, you’ve never done anything like this before so why would it based on past precedent? You’re in unchartered land, and you feel like you’re going at it blind.

Perhaps the vision you hold of yourself limits your sense of self-worth and whether you think, feel and believe you deserve the success you seek. You’re not good enough. You don’t know what the f&*% you’re doing or saying… might start creeping in your head…

Aaaaah, the good ol’ voice of doubt. So powerful, so overbearing.

I admit it – I have my bad days when everything seems grey and hopeless...

The following is what keeps me going, try one or try them ALL preferably:

1. I think: “There are many other individuals, just like me, who ARE doing it. And doing it successfully!” Find evidence of others’ success.

2. Bring yourself right back to NOW. Because when you’re in that mental and emotional space you’re way into the future – an unwanted future that hasn’t happened yet. Remember – your present is dictating your future…

3. Question those negative thoughts. Challenge them – probe… Ask yourself: “Do I know this to be 100% true”.

4. Release. Release. Release. Give up your need to control the situation… Surrender to a higher power – whatever that is for you.

5. Ask! You have no idea what a powerful creator and attractor you are… Ask for guidance, reassurance, anything!

6. Stop thinking about HOW you’re going to get there… Keep your goal and mental picture at the forefront of your mind.

7. Remember: Any goal that’s worthy of you is going to stretch what you’ve previously accomplished!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Are you interested or are you committed to starting your business?

The answer to this question is what separates the mediocre, flaky business-owners from the stellar, passionate and successful ones.

A few disclaimers:

1 – When you decide to start your solo-biz, be sure to fill up your patience reservoir because it’s a process. Just like it takes 10-12 weeks to see the basil seed grow into its full form, it takes time to see the fruits of your business building labor. And just like all else – you get what you put into it.

2- Don’t quit your day job. YET. You don’t want to be freaking out and putting even more pressure on yourself to make money ASAP from your new business – it’s screws up your energy and only keeps your further from your goals. If you’re employed at the moment, stay where you are and feel gratitude for that steady paycheck and stability. Yes, you’ll have to go the extra mile, make (temporary) sacrifices and work even stronger for the interim, but it will be worth every sweat drop and tear.

3- No one said it would be breezy. Starting your solo-biz is work and an immense learning curve that will make you purge all your gunk both in your personal life as well as your professional. There’s no hiding – the changes and evolution are inevitable. Yes, it will get scary. Yes, you will cry and want to quit, run and hide… but guess what, you will emerge a stronger, wiser and more powerful.

Can you imagine how life will be once you’re running your own profitable business and living your passion?

So, ask yourself today – are you INTERESTED in starting your business or are you COMMITTED?

If you’re interested, you will do what you feel like doing, when you feel like doing it.

If you’re committed, you will do what must be done and whatever it takes to get there.

If you’re interested, you will treat your business like a hobby and will therefore get those results.

If you’re committed, you will take on any challenge full force and head on and the results will far surpass your wildest dreams.

The choice darlin’, is totally up to you.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exclusive selectivity in business and life...

When I was a teenager, my dad told me something that stuck with me, “Dime con quien vas, y te dire quien eres” (Tell me who you’re hanging out with and I’ll tell you who you are). At the time it seemed harsh to hear – thinking I could do no wrong at the ripe old age of 15 but my father’s wisdom has proven to carry forth into my adult years.

You’ve probably heard this before, and if you haven’t you should listen up: You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.

Who you decide to share your time and energy with the most is not only a direct reflection of you (or rather, what’s going on within you) but is also a determinant to your own success.

That’s why it’s so important to choose those people wisely – especially when you’re setting out to achieve a huge goal like starting your business.

Exclusive selectivity is a must for you – just like you’re selective about the outfit you wore this morning, what you had for breakfast, the types of restaurants and shops you frequent – you’ve got to de deliberate and selectively choose the people who you rub elbows with socially and professionally.

Like attracts like, always. And everyone on your immediate reality is a direct reflection of you. Negative, envious people will always gravitate towards each other. So will fake and superficial people, visionaries, Debbie-downers, and angry people. Get it?

We’re energetic beings – and our “vibes” and attitudes rub off on those around us and vice versa. Surround yourself with people of like energy and attitude, high aspirations and big thinkers, go-getters, givers, doers. Share of yourself with those that are walking a similar path or have already risen to the next level. Find and gravitate to those people who share and support your visions and goals; those people who will hold you up when you slip down a level.

You’ve heard the expression “monkey see, monkey do?” There’s these nifty little systems in our brains that are called: “Mirror Neurons”. Via these neurons we emulate and process others’ actions and feelings. They allow us to automatically simulate the actions we observe in other in our own brains. (To learn more about mirror neurons, go to this NY Times article: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/01/10/science/10mirr.html)

Mary Kay Ash (top female entrepreneur in American History!) said something that has stuck with me, I apply it to all areas of my life and your life will change when you also begin applying it: Don’t take advice from someone you’re not willing to trade places with.

So the next time someone knocks you for your desires and goals, or the next time someone criticizes your business or idea – ask yourself: Am I willing to trade places with this person? Are they what I aspire to be, do or have?

If the answer is no – then dammit, move on and do not give that person’s words or action a second thought. If the answer is yes then consider it constructive feedback and welcome the experience as a stepping stone to do better.

Action, action, action:

This week:

1- Take inventory of the people you’ve been spending most time with. Who are they? How do they choose to show up in the world? What are their personal, professional and financial circumstances? What effect do they have on your energy space when you’re with them? (ie – do they leave you feeling drained or down?) Are you willing to trade places with them?

2- Make a list of the top five people you’d like to begin spending most of your time with. Who are your friends, contacts and acquaintances that can propel your vision forward? Who’s doing it or has done it already? Who’s 10, 20 50 steps ahead of you? Who’s making things happen? Who’s energy and attitude would you like to emulate?

3- Make it happen. What steps can you take to get it done TODAY? Make a call? Send an email or Facebook message? Do it.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dealing with critics and haters in business...

“The levers are here. The proof is here. The power is here. The only thing holding you back is your own fear. Not easy to admit, but essential to understand.” –Seth Godin, Tribes

You’ve been flirting with the idea of going solo and starting your own business for a while. The more you think about it, the more excited you get. You can see it in your mind – what a beautiful vision. You start getting worked up and gung-ho about it… Till either IT strikes, or the fear of IT striking strikes: What if you put yourself out there, bare your soul, passion and heart to the world… and they hate it.

Our fear and almost phobia-like dread of criticism and judgment is what really paralyzes us. It’s just as bad as being stripped naked in front of a bunch of people. Complete horror. We are so committed to looking good, being liked and accepted that it shapes who we are – or at least the face we show the world. Like a little puppy begging for attention, inside we are silently shouting the same: “Like me! Like me! Like me! (because if you don’t I am worth jack shit)”. Authenticity goes right out the window.

Truth: there will always be people who aren’t going to like you or your work. But should that stop you from freeing your voice, passion and vision? Should it keep you small and silent in the shadows of the masses for fear of being singled out? Will that make for a fulfilling and elevated life?

Guess what? Your real power is totally independent from what others think of you and whether or not they like you. Just as it’s inevitable that those people will criticize you and/or your work, it’s just as inevitable that you’re going to find fans – those who are so aligned with your vision they naturally gravitate towards you. They then share your message with other soon-to-be fans and voila – you’ve gone viral.

But, you’ll never give yourself a chance to see that bloom if you stay small. When you find your passion, your WHY, your unique voice – you also find your strength. That’s what badasses are – they are so in love with their vision, the mark they’re leaving in their worlds and the ripple effect to those who can benefit from their work that they are willing to deal with a few critics. They boldly face this so-called opposition head on, because they know that it will only make them STRONGER.

That’s the thing about critics – if you’re brave enough to be you and encounter them as you walk along you will find they are your greatest teachers. They leverage your game. They sharpen your soul and mind. They perfect your mission and vision. (And pssssst – if they’re talking about you, you can feel flattered that they find you worthy of mentioning!)

So this week:

• Find your unique voice – that mission and vision about your business.
• Communicate that message with passion.
• Silently thank and bless your “haters” and use them to make you better.
• Do not give up – even when you’re in tears.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Big AUDACIOUS 2011!!!


New year... again. As we take 2011 by the horns, I want to invite you to throw away your usual NY Resolutions and "Goals"... If you want this year to be different, you'll have to think differently, act differently, perceive differently and CHOOSE differently.

In a previous email I gave you an exercise to try out - to get CLEAR about what you want YOUR year to be. Don't forget your intentions are powerful - much more so than your willpower.

Create a VISION. Get CLEAR. INTEND to make it happen despite your excuses and usual MO. Stay FOCUSED. We're halfway through the first week of the year - only 51.5 more weeks left - what are you going to do with them?

I came across an article that really tugged at my heartstrings, every word is true so soak it up and ask yourself: "What's going to be different this year? What will be the catalyst for you to start making headway in your life and career/business?

Read on...


As an entrepreneur, I'm often asked "How did you get started?"

A lot.

The truth is, I have no idea.

When I think of an idea, I rarely think about its feasibility. Rather, I think about desire and process. Thinking about failure defeats us. So I think about success instead. I'm referring to success on a wider sense--not If I do this, and get it right I will be rewarded with this other thing that we believe will complete us and make us happy--but success in terms of allowing ourselves to let go of the inhibitions that truly have no place in our lives. I think about letting go of unnecessary inhibitions--inhibitions derived from thoughts, thoughts derived from memories. And oftentimes these memories can fit in two categories: manifested and un-manifested.

When we look back at our memories and consider our choices, do we see ourselves having acted from a desire to become complete? Or do we see ourselves having acted from a realization that we already have all we need--that we need nothing but choose to engage in a process that directly impacts the world in a positive way? And a tertiary question: how does this conversation make you feel? You know, the one happening in your head? Light? Heavy? Indifferent? Pick two and rely on neither--the answer is always mislead by thought.

So. How do we start something?

We first identify our inhibitions and dismiss them.

We then ask if what we want to start is something that impacts the world in a positive way. If the answer is yes, all that's left for us is to go kick some ass.

Click here for article.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Look at this picture. Really, look at it. Marvel at it.

This picture was taken by the great Hubble telescope.

This is your Universe. This is OUR Universe.

YOU are a part of this Universe...

Can you see the magnitude of this truth???

YOU are a part of this image... isn't that freaking amazing?

Doesn't that put your life into perspective? Doesn't it make you marvel at all the grandeur that lies outside of you, your life, and what you think is real and of importance? I know it's definitely impacted me.
This picture reminds me of the famed quote: " You are a spiritual being having a physical experience."

Indeed we are, much more than we think we are.

Our lives are SO much bigger than the position we have at work, the zip code we live in, the car we drive, our weight, the digits in our bank account, the "labels" we dress in, the "friends" we have, and the amount of people we hook up with... it's all so irrelevant... so isignificant when you look at the BIG PICTURE.

Sure, it's totally awesome to have those things... I want them too... But when you define yourself by them, or when you make your sole life's purpose the pursuit of these things, you're in for a big reality check.

Maybe not today... Perhaps not tomorrow or five years from now...

But sooner or later you WILL discover that all of those "trophies" and "status symbols" will come and go... and then what are you left with?
What do you want to be left with after the material ceases to exist or leaves your reality unexpectedly?

We spend countless hours, countless days, and countless energy worrying, focusing, and thinking about these things... and for what?

Because we think they'll make us better? Will we be more loveable and likeable? Or maybe we'll be cooler? Maybe life will magically sort itself out and we'll all live on a cloud of marshmallows and play the harp all day...

This empty "value" comes from our EGO. That part of our psyche that is ruled by fear... and NEWSFLASH: fear wears many masks... on purpose... to fool you into deluding yourself in a lulled state of numbness about the reality of your life.

The sole purpose of our egos (and we all have one, even Deepak Chopra, ha!) is to ensure we maintain the status quo... Ego doesn't like change; in fact it will do anything and everything it can to keep up put... right where we are, sitting nice and pretty... and COMFORTABLE.

Months, years, even decades pass us by and we're still THERE...In that lull... chasing after some mirage of the "perfect" life.

But what if you DON'T have to wait until you acquire the material goodies to feel you're of value? What would your life look like tomorrow if you completely stopped looking outside of yourself for that which you're seeking? Food for thought, huh?

If there's one thing I want to leave you with after reading this article, it's this:

You CAN stop looking outside of yourself for validation, value, pride, love, acceptance and admiration.

You're connected to the Universe! Now that's not me talking out of my ass... you may be thinking: " Ok, O's gone off the deep end here... the New Age wave has taken her over."

This is NOT New Age. This is SCIENCE. Hard core science.

When you dive into the wacky and wonder-filled world of Quantum Physics you start to see "life" and "reality" is not what we've been taught...

At the core of it all... and I mean aaaaaaaall, we are ONE. Connected... beyond a scientific doubt.

In the Quantum Mechanics world it's called "Entanglement"... research it.

Thus, we ARE indeed ONE with the Universal Intelligence.

Ponder it for a while. What consequences does that have for you? How could your life change NOW as a result of this truth?

I, for one, can tell you... this truth has set me FREE.


As a FREE gift to you, in the hopes of helping you tap into your Universal Self, I offer you this, inspired by the ground breaking film "What the Bleep Do We Know?!"...


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I came across a note by life coach Rhonda Britten yesterday and it spoke right to me.(See below)
Often we let our minds wander and we allow ourselves to get paralyzed by fear. This fear takes on many faces: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of making a fool of oneself, fear of not being good enough as a business owner, fear of being judged, fear of being in the spotlight, fear of being criticized, fear of moving forward, fear of the unknown... the list goes on.

You've probably heard this before, but I know I need to remind myself of this every now and again:

FEAR = False Experiences Appearing Real.

Fear resides in a tiny area of the brain called the Amygdala... and its job is to alert us when we perceive fear to be present. When we experience fear, biochemical processes start up in our bodies, chemicals are secreted in our brains and then travel down to our blood stream and elsewhere... I am sharing this with you so you're aware that fear is nothing more than a chemical reaction, yet when it overtakes us, we believe that fear to be 100% true. Not so.

Just as I mentioned in my latest blog post,we've got to get in the habit of challenging, questioning and probing our fears... talk back to them. Only when we disect our fears do we find that more often than not, there's really no substance there... it's not the thing in question we fear, but the PROJECTED outcome that we dread. We're fearing what hasn't yet happened! What a waste of our precious life force energy. I challenge all of you saavy business owners to start probing your fears today - right now... and see what happens.

Another point I'd like to make is that fear can be your friend and ally... Whether it's starting a business, growing a business, expanding, or taking a leap of faith, your goal should be BIG enough to stretch you and change you. A worthy goal is one that seems daunting and scary... thus, when you begin to feel that nagging fear as you pursue your passions and desires remember that the very fact you have that fear means you're on target with your goal... yes, FEAR CAN BE GOOD! We just have to get very, very good at controlling those feelings and not letting them overpower us.

The next time you're giving in to fear, stop for a moment and answer yourself this:

1. What am I feeling?

2. What am I projecting into this situation?

3. What am I scaring myself about?

4. Is this fear founded? Am I missing some chunk of the puzzle?

5. What's the best outcome that can happen?

"Being willing to feel your feelings and face your fears are two of the risks you must be willing to take to gain confidence. In order to gain confidence you must be willing to feel every feeling and take actions regardless of those same feelings. But confidence doesn't come first. Risk does. Therefore, the only way you will build confidence is to do the thing you fear."

Rhonda Britten